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Welcome The Stonehenge Homeowners' Asociation welcomes you to our website. Located in North Raleigh, Stonehenge was founded in 1977, and is now a well-known, family-oriented neighborhood. This website serves our residents with information about their neighborhood and surrounding community. Here you will find HOA documents, neighborhood news, an events calendar, discussion forums, and other useful information. Thanks for visiting and we hope you have a wonderful day!


Stonehenge Living? Stonehenge Living is a phrase we like to use to describe the lifestyle enjoyed by our residents. It means spending time with your family, your friends, or helping a neighbor that needs a hand. It is about taking walks in the afternoon when your work is done and saying hello to the people you pass on the street. Simply enjoying each and every day.

Oh, and we're not the only ones that think so. Check us out in HGTV's profile of
5 Great Neighborhoods in Raleigh.



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